Our Services


Blogging – Blogging these days doesn’t only consist of SEO and SEM (search engine optimization/search engine marketing). It may very well be creating miniature blurbs on your publishing and writing experiences. ATD holds full training sessions, and also provides you with tips/tricks on how to be the master of the internet.

SEO/SEM – ATD provides you with an extensive list of keywords (or buzzwords) that will assist you in reaching a wider audience on search engines such as Google. There are also many tiers to the kinds of articles you may be looking for for your website, blog, and even social media platforms.

Social Media – Yes, ATD also holds full training sessions on how to jump start your social media presence. From learning what “tweets” are on Twitter, to exposing your name and brand, ATD assists with it all.

Line Editing – ATD has classically trained, in-house editors who will work 1-on-1 with you, throughout the entire editorial process. There is no project too big or too small; grammar is key.

Full Publishing – From idea conception to providing galleys (and yes, even setting-up promotional tours when ready), ATD provides full publishing services. There are many tiers to the kinds of publishing you may be looking for. ATD also provides custom printing when the project is completed, thanks in part to Beepster Books.