Revolutionary Reenactor Nicholas Dalrymple New Spokes Model

Revolutionary Reenactor Nicholas Dalrymple New Spokes Model

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nicholas_dalrympleNicholas Dalrymple, 22-year-old American War for Independence reenactor, is Anchors To Dusk Publishing, LLC’s latest historical preservation publication spotlight, and spokes model. We are proud to announce our alliance with wonderful, young talent and local historian.

When Nicholas was 12-years-old, he delved head first into historical preservation and never looked back. He has been immersed in all things 18th-Century from day one, and is a treasure trove of wondrous information. Today, we learn his story, and introduce him to the public.

“Our history is the story of what made us who we are today. We should never forget the blood, sweat, and tears that created this country, and we should preserve as much of it as we can. I believe it is important to preserve our history to honor our forefathers, and to leave something for future generations to learn from and appreciate,” Dalrymple simply puts it, when asked what historical preservation means to him. His core values and unique insights line-up with those of Anchors To Dusk Publishing, LLC’s nicely; because of this, we have chosen to work with him on our next project.

For reenactments, Dalrymple portrays a Captain for the 1st NY Regiment, McCracken’s company; more often than not, he plays the role of Captain Joseph McCracken himself. A majority of our upcoming publication will revolve around the life and times of Captain McCracken: how he lived, what his Regiment ate, how they slept, and what drill they learned from the start.

Enjoy history? You’ll love this!

When asked if the Regiment reenacts to historically-accurate documentation, Nicholas answered, “We reenact to historically accurate documentation whenever it is present. Unfortunately, not everything is well-documented from the time period, so there is room for interpretation. There is enough material information present to at least build a good representation on what something may have looked like or what the soldiers may have done.” Not to fear, Anchors will fill in the gaps where necessary,¬†and highlight the path of the 1st NY Regiment, McCracken’s company.

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In being Anchors To Dusk Publishing, LLC’s new spokes model – a true man of the time period, who lives and breathes history – Nicholas commented, “I think that I represent a Revolutionary War officer rather well, and that being a spokes model for this project will represent the era nicely. I am excited to do what I can to encourage the study and preservation of this time in history.”

How were Revolutionary soldiers outfitted?

Over the next several weeks, our team will hold private interviews with Nicholas, delving into what makes him tick, and how his story intertwines with that of the 18th-Century; we will also complete extensive, third-party research to tell an underlying story of the life and times of Joseph McCracken and his peers. This is a first for Anchors To Dusk Publishing, LLC, and will be a story for young and old alike.

Our team is so happy to be working with Nicholas Dalrymple, and heading back in time with such a professional. For more information on Nicholas’s story or to preserve your own history, click here.

Disclaimer: Full written permissions granted by Mr. Nicholas Dalrymple for the use and publication of his name and original imagery.


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